e are living in an increasingly globalized world, so chances are that you already work internationally or will do so in the future. Perhaps you have business meetings with people from other cultures or negotiate with global partners, or maybe you work in an international team. This means that you experience cultural differences. Some of these differences you will probably notice immediately, whereas others might not be so obvious at first.intercultural_training

By developing an understanding of different cultural values and behaviors, you can devise strategies for dealing with them, and then when you are faced with a challenging situation, it will be easier for you to respond constructively. This can help you to achieve your goals faster and even give you a competitive edge.

Apart from that, learning about various cultures and analyzing your own cultural behavior and preferences is a fascinating undertaking.

English Services Berlin offers:
Introductory courses
  • Introduction to cultural concepts and applications in the workplace
  • What is culture?
  • Cultural values and cultural dimensions
  • Communication styles and patterns (e.g. in meetings, presentations)
  • Concepts of time and space
  • Status and leadership
  • Manners and taboos
Customized courses

Company courses geared to your special needs: specific cultures and functions (e.g. working in virtual teams)

Consulting / Coaching

Individual coaching to address important issues in the workplace