riting and publishing are basic to academic life today, and many researchers now prefer to publish in English in order to reach a wider audience. Manuscripts submitted for publication need to be written in a clear academic style and be free of errors.

I offer academic writing seminars and workshops that teach techniques for writing concise, well-structured English sentences, language for presenting your research, key academic vocabulary, and methods for improving the overall readability of your texts.

Personal coaching is also available.

  • Introduction to English academic writing style
  • Preparing and structuring a text; introductions and conclusions
  • Organizing English paragraphs
  • Language and techniques for: defining; presenting and developing arguments; describing procedures and processes; expressing cause and effect; making comparisons
  • Describing visuals
  • Data commentary: making claims, referring to the work of other researchers, hedging
  • Avoiding plagiarism: summarizing and paraphrasing
  • Accuracy in writing: linking language, correct use of verb tenses, appropriate use of the active and passive voices, punctuation
  • Abstracts and effective titles